Jon Boat with Prop Tunnel

We are developing a fiberglass, foam and nidacore, flat bottomed boat for duck hunting and shallow water activities. This will not be a true tunnel hull, but is flat bottomed with a prop tunnel. Our 12ft prototype has completed trials, and molds are beginning for a production version.

Pocket Tunnel Jon Boat Rendering 3D Model

Length: 12 feet
Beam: 61 inches
Weight, Complete Hull: 360 lbs
Power: 15-20hp, 2 and 4 stroke tiller motors.
Capacity: 4 Persons, 700 Lbs
Gelcoat Colors: Tan, White, custom on request
Standard Layout: U-shaped aft seat and Bench Forward

Prop Tunnel. This is a ramp or cutout in the back of the boat, tapering roughly 18" forward of the transom. This channels water up to the prop, allowing the motor to be mounted higher on the transom. This reduces draft significantly. It also allows a short shaft motor to mount on the 19" tall transom. The short shaft eases manual tilting of the motor, while offering the seaworthiness and safety of a taller transom. Our tunnel has a built in air relief, to reduce suction at plaing speeds for reduced drag and faster performance.

Why Composite Fiberglass?

Quieter than aluminum, better for hunting, better for fishing
Warmer than aluminum in the fall, fewer frozen toes and fingers
Cooler than aluminum in summer, tired of getting burned by hot metal?
No corrosion issues
No rivets to leak, or welds to crack

As with any boat, our design has one tradeoff. A Highly cupped propeller is required for proper boat and motor operation. We are happy to supply one that matches your motor make and model, or direct you to other sources such as Ron Hill Propellers. We have tuned stainless props, but don't recommend most aluminum versions be modified for use with our boats. The aluminum is too soft to hold cupping long term.